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Haunting but beautiful in its way.

Angela is living with her long-time partner and has a comfortable life to anyone looking in but Angela is unravelling and with a self-destructive behaviour starting to sabotage her life, everything is getting a little bit beyond her control. Elizabeth means little to Angela at first, until suddenly she is consuming Angela’s every thought and she finds everything she once knew changing.

A dark, deep, emotional journey with Angela ensues in Waiting For Liz. I love how the story explored the effects one person can have on another, with or without their knowledge, and the damage and destruction that can be caused when your mind gets a bit of a mind of its own. It is scary to be out of control, but Angela handled it the best way she could and although unconventional methods played a part in the development and management of all Angela was going through, it was in many ways relatable and understandable.

I felt this story was deeply personal, both for Angela and the reader. There was so much emotion weaved amongst the chaotic existence Angela was pursuing and sharing with us, as the story unfolded and revealed all she had been through. At times, I worried so much about Angela but as her journey kept on going, I was able to understand and empathise with the different decisions and experiences being endured.

While this story does contain heavy themes that some might find triggering, they have been handled with care and sensitivity in keeping with the story. I really felt the connection to Angela as I read her story and felt quite emotional while reading it. I recommend the book, especially for anyone who wants a story that has deep meaning and feeling because all Angela goes through as it may not be something many have experienced first-hand but it is known many go through such things alone.

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