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Welcome to the world of “the unsures,” Angela Kelly’s affectionate term for women falling at various points on the in-between scale of gay and straight.

Meet Liza, the single mother from an under privileged background, used to finding partners who will give her a sense of security. Then there’s Jennifer, the stripper who really does have a heart of gold. Sandy is the direly sexy friend Angela chased for years before winning over. Annie presents herself as a teacher and mentor but proves to be a manipulative narcissist. These and the other characters present a rich tapestry of love, lust, obsession and, finally, redemption.

Threaded between these stories of failed romance you will find self-discovery and a coming of age and awareness. Join Angela Kelly as she learns about her own issues, dysfunction, addictions, and interpersonal dynamics that contribute to her attraction to unavailable women … and their attraction to her.

Unavailable: One Lesbian’s Struggle with the Bisexuality of Other Women is no longer available in print. However, the author has made a PDF of this title available for free through the Open Library of The Internet Archive. If you prefer to purchase a print copy from the author’s personal reserves, please send an email request for Paypal info to: angelackellywriter@gmail.com.


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