Over the weekend, a friend said to me, “That’s so brave, to put all that out there, I’d be afraid to be so vulnerable.”

Her words have stayed with me. When I was reviewing the page galleys for Unavailable, it suddenly struck me just what I was putting out there. A window into my darkest moments, an unobstructed view of my alcoholism and drug addiction, a not too pretty picture of a hedonistic life I’d been living for some time.

Much of my emotional life has been scarred by a marked fear of what other people think of me. And now, even bits of my sex life are boldly typed among the pages of Unavailable. Can I trust that the readers will believe I have changed? Does it matter?

Of course now, the book is out there. Being read, consumed, judged. Am I being judged alongside it?

So now I wax philosophical on the vulnerability of the memoir author. The nakedness of my activity, the opaqueness of my vivacity.

So now I’m up and running…

I have spent the better part of two days learning the ins and outs of WordPress and my various options. I sincerely hope what you find here is user friendly and sensibly organized.

I’m really not much of a blogger or even a journaler, but if something really gets me fired up I’ll write about it. Mostly I’ll be using the blog page to keep you in the loop about news of my upcoming book release and other works in progress.

Thank you for visiting,
Angela Kelly